Yvonne W Gichura
Yvonne W Gichura | 03.11.2014
hey Michael.
My name is Yvonne Gichura from kenya.
Yvonne W Gichura | 05.11.2014
I hope you're doing good. I'm looking forward to hear from you .
Yvonne W Gichura | 09.11.2014
Michael | 13.11.2014
Hello :b My name is Michael I'am from Canada and I'm happy to meet you

Michael | 13.11.2014
How are you doing? :)
Yvonne W Gichura | 14.11.2014
Heey :-)
I'm doing good I'm happy to finally hear from you.
I'm also happy to meet you
Yvonne W Gichura | 14.11.2014
How've you been and how is canada
Michael | 14.11.2014
Canada is in one word ''VERY COLD'' and I feel very good, I'm happy its my last year in high school, I'm getting bored from my school, I spent 11 years in that school :b
Yvonne W Gichura | 14.11.2014
When are you getting done with high school exactly?
Finishing high school is fun but the bad part is you get to part ways with your friends :-((
Michael | 17.11.2014
I'im finishing high school the 23rd of June, one day after my birthday which I find is a very good gift. For my friends we are pretty much going to the same college the next year, or else we are not living far apart. :b
Michael | 17.11.2014
Would you ever wan't to make a trip to Canada? Well if you wan't don't come during winter ;D
Yvonne W Gichura | 18.11.2014
Yeah I think that's a very good gift for you
And I'm also happy that you are going to the same school with your friends. At least you won't have to feel like you left a part of you behind.
So what do you love doing with your friends during free time...
Michael | 04.12.2014
I like to go to the theater, with my friends and hang around or play sports with them like for example ice hockey :D

Let's here more about you. :)
Yvonne W Gichura | 13.12.2014
I like to watch movies with my friends too but not in the theatre just at home or at school hostels..
What are u up to this christmas
Michael | 24.02.2015
Sorry for not talking to you. I've been over the head with work and because my year is ending, I have too much things to do. I need to decide in what I want to go in. Sorry :)
Yvonne W Gichura | 27.02.2015
It's okay ...I understand
How've you been and school?
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