Okocha | 07.08.2015
Hello sonny boy. how are you?
Justin | 07.08.2015
houlala. who am I talking to? you are so many in the pix
Justin | 07.08.2015
me, I live alone in los angeles in my huge round glass house with 7 rooms. you are welcome to come but please take a shower first HAHAHA!
Okocha | 07.08.2015
It is very nice to invite us. But I think you have more to learn by coming to our place in Nigeria, in the Yoruba culture. Did you know that here, dear Justin, 75% of grand-parents live with their family?
Okocha | 07.08.2015
Your house is so big, why don't your grand-parents live with you?
Justin | 07.08.2015
cause they are always angry, they say that I never call them, I don't need another stress in my life. but if you increase my level in the column on the right, I promise to send them a box full of calvin klein for their anniversary. haha just kiddin!
Okocha | 07.08.2015
Lovely Justin, I will raise your level once you've made progress. For now you are still too lazy, too obsessed by material wealth and your abs. It's good to develop your abs (they are very nice, by the way, hihi!) but developing and maintaining human relations is more important.
Justin | 07.08.2015
yes, relationships are super important but it's my agent who takes care of that
Justin | 07.08.2015
besides, he wants to develop our market in Africa so don't hesitate if you have any ideas how to reach others in your tribe. it's the Yoruba tribe, right?
Okocha | 07.08.2015
Excuse me Justin but why use the word tribe? there are 35 million people among us. The Yoruba outnumber the population of your country, Canada. Do we say that anglosaxons are a tribe? I wonder sometimes if it's skin colour. Tribe is OK for Native Americans, people in Africa, etc. but never for white people...
Okocha | 07.08.2015
If your agent wants to conquer our "tribe", tell him to change his vocabulary. But let's get back to relational poverty, dear Justin. How do you get along with your neighbours? Do you have rich relationships with them?
Justin | 20.08.2015
my neighbors? you know what, i'm not ready for that, i need to work on me first, i need to know who i really am
Justin | 20.08.2015
someone once said: "you need to love yourself before being able to love others". i find this mantra very cool

Selon le test de dépistage, cet enfant d'Occident vivait sous le seuil de pauvreté relationnelle. Mais grâce au parrainage, il apprend à reconnecter avec son entourage: les vieux, les voisins, les inconnus, les amis. À travers des messages de 280 caractères, le parrain partage son savoir-faire avec l'enfant. Quelques trucs rapides peuvent garantir un parrainage réussi !

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